February 3, 2022

The goal here? Go from builders grade to custom. To save a bit of money, I wanted to do as much of this room refresh ourselves as possible. We took down the old builders grade mirror, took out the old granite, installed peel and stick wallpaper, and installed the new light fixtures and faucets ourselves.

I wanted to elevate it to a more modern look so I started by first replacing the counters with a solid white quartz and rectangular sinks. The old busy pattern of the granite was too overwhelming for the space. The clean white quartz is everything I wanted. Moving away from the traditional oval sinks made a bigger difference than I realized.

Next? Just say no to tacky builders mirrors that are glued on to the wall. I don't understand why these even exist. Removing it was pretty easy but a two person job because they can be a bit heavy (pro tip, cover it in duct tape so if the mirror does break during removal, you don't have glass everywhere. Fun new mirrors from Wayfair were the winning ticket.

To add a fun element in the room we did a peel and stick wallpaper from WallBlush which is amazing quality. I am by no means an expert and it was fairly easy to install. Warning: don't try to install with your husband...Do it yourself girl, you got this! Since this is the kids bathroom, I really wanted a peel and stick wallpaper so I can change it over time. The finishing touch was just to replace faucets, hardware, and light fixtures from Amazon to have a cohesive gold theme with the rest of the house.

Everything linked below!

Light Fixtures

Mirror is no longer available but here is a great option



Amber Bottles

Bath Mat

Shower Curtain


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